Wednesday, June 4, 2014

White and Red Ruffle 'Dress' Cake

My daughters love to have the 'best' cake of the year.  They want the cake that everyone will talk about and rave about, so after doing my younger daughter's Hunger Games cake my older daughter kept saying her cake needs to be super cool.  I spent many hours looking at dresses and cake patterns trying to decide how I wanted to do her cake.  She wanted it to be red and white to match her dress she was wearing and I didn't want it to look like a wedding cake.  Well, I don't know if I achieved that goal, but here's what I came up with....

 She didn't want a big red bow, so we did the flower instead.  And yes, I LOVE making flowers so I was more than happy to not do a bow.
 The top of the cake kind of just evolved.  I had in my mind to do diagonal 'pleats' like the top of a prom dress, but I ended up loving the little ruffle that ended at the pleat so I kept it.  Then I added the little rose at the top for something extra.
 I think the back was almost my favorite.  The little buttons and the rose shape of the fun!
 Unfortunately Brandi was busy taking a crazy amount of insanely beautiful pictures of my daughter and her friends so I had to take the cake pictures.  I didn't really do it justice, but I tried, I promise!
 Seriously love making flowers!!!
 The ruffles were really fun on this too.  And guess what?  I only had 2 1/2 days to make this cake when usually I like a week.  Wow rush time but it ended up just how I wanted it!

This is a picture I took really quickly before we ate the cake, but I wanted to show those pleats at the top of the cake a little better.  I really loved making this beauty and I sure love my lovely daughter.  Happy birthday Rachel!!!!  We love  you so very much!!

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