Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Monster Cake

This cake was super fun to make for my little birthday boy!  His request was simple. Do exactly what he wants and don't try to change the colors or monsters or amount of eyes and no tail or pointy teeth!  He's not picky at all, except when it comes to his birthday cake.  And he's only 6!!!  I looked online for some little monster clip art pictures and let him choose 2 he wanted.  He picked these 2 adorable little monsters and he made sure I drew a picture of what he wanted exactly!
 I wanted to do two pointy teeth on the green monster, but he said it would look evil if we did that...
 I wanted to give the blue monster a tail, but he said 'no way!'...
 I wanted to do yellow spots on the blue monster, he said they had to be light blue...
I wanted to do 3 eyes on the green monster, he said it had to be ONE!  See, my little guy's not picky at all!!  RIGHT!  It was really a joy making this cake exactly as he wanted it.  And he couldn't have been happier with it!!!  Happy birthday Ronny boy!  
We love you oodles and oodles!

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