Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rusty Chevrolet Truck and Pigs Cake

I truly love being asked to make cakes that have very special meanings to them.  This cake was one of those kind of cakes.  Not only was it celebrating a husband's 2 year mark at his job on a pig farm, but it also represented the beginning of the wife's love of photography!  This amazing wife found a saving grace in photography and she has excelled at her skills as she earned her degree and started her own business.  Brandi, my amazing photographer, showed me the photos of a Chevrolet truck she took when she began her photography schooling and I knew I HAD to make her a cake that represented those photos!  Not only are the photos incredible, but she has such a deep love of what they symbolize in her life that I knew I had to do the photos justice in cake form.  I was just as nervous making this cake as I am when making a wedding cake!  She and her husband were so happy with the cake that it made my day when I delivered it!  So, do me a favor and go check out her website here:  and see her amazing skills in action!

 The little piggies love the mud and dirt!

 My favorite pig, just sitting back enjoying the sunshine!

The rust and dirt was all done with two kinds of cocoa, regular and special dark, to get more dimension.  This cake is completely edible and made with love!  We sure love you, Brandi, and your family!

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