Thursday, November 11, 2010

Purple Guitar Cake

Another guitar cake, but a girly take on it his time. We were going for a Hannah Montana look. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Happy Birthday Kenna!

Fairy Cake

This was a rush cake made in one day. When normally I take a few days planning and freezing the cake. It turned out cute, but not quite what I had planned!

Monday, November 8, 2010

BYU Birthday Cake

This was also a rushed cake, and I wasn't at my house with all of my little tricks to help me through the process. My dad loves BYU football, so this is what he got for his big party. Dark chocolate butter cream and fondant decor!

Back-to-School Crayons

These were last minute cakes for my daughter's first day of school. I would have liked them to have turned out better, but they tasted great and the kids loved them!

Elegant Pink and Chocolate Wedding Cake

Dark chocolate butter cream frosting decorated with marshmallow fondant.

Star Birthday

Stars, stripes, but not red, white and blue. Gotta do what the customer (my daughter) wants!

Flower Cupcakes

Just a little pot of flowers for the teachers at the end of the school year.

Chocolate Daisies Wedding Cake

The first wedding cake! Dark chocolate butter cream frosting! Oh it smelled divine!

Pretty Flower Cake

My first attempt at gum paste flowers. It was a rushed cake, and not as smooth as I would have liked, but it turned out alright. Fondant covered and simple. Where can you go wrong?

Slippers Cake

I took a lot of pictures of this one to see all the angles. Fuzzy slippers for a slumber party. All the girls loved it. My kids didn't even want to eat it because it looked too real.

Wizard Cake

Sometimes it's easier to frost the cake with butter cream and decorate with fondant. This would be one such case. Some people prefer the taste this way better also. The wands on the cake are chopsticks with fondant on the end. This was a magic party, for me and the kids!

Mini Cakes, Smash Cakes

These aren't cakes I particularly made, but my girls did. Well, with a little of mom's guidance. I just wanted to put them on here to show the cute, little cake size. These would be fun for a first birthday smash cake!

Fondant with piping.
Butter cream with sprinkles!

Wolverine Blades Cake

Every little boy loves super hero's. Mine just happens to love Wolverine. I was running out of time, and this is what came out. The knives are plastic knives covered in fondant painted black with a almond flavoring covering to make them shine. He really loved this cake!

Cell Phone Cake

Sorry these photos didn't turn out too clear. Must have been a busy day. My brother was obsessed with texting, so what better than a cell phone for his birthday? Same technique as the guitar cake. 'Painted' fondant. Butter cream piping for the message.

Guitar Cake

For a special guy in your life, what could be better than a guitar cake? Fondant was 'painted' with food coloring. Strings were embroidery floss. Little nobs were fondant and some frosting held it all together.
The finished product. I just couldn't bring myself to write on the actual cake!

Popcorn Cake

Popcorn and Cake? Yes! For a movie themed birthday this was perfect! The popcorn was just the right accent for the sweet cake.

Fondant Polka Dots Cake

This was my first attempt at fondant. It is homemade, marshmallow fondant and was a big hit. Sorry about the foot picture, but I thought it was cute. My son put his big toe through the cake right before we served it. This was his first birthday cake.

Jeep Cupcake Cake

This is also a cupcake cake, but turned out very fun! A little bit more frosting, but it was still very easy to serve to birthday guests!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Basketball Cake

This was a sculpted cake, since I didn't have a round, bowl shaped pan. It was heavy, and yummy, and perfect for a little boy!

Swimsuit Cake

What a fun cake! All the kids ate this cake up in a second, and it went with the summer theme of the party great! And hey, no fondant!

Pirate Ship Cake

Our poor pirate ship cake cracked down the middle. Since this cake I have learned lots of little secrets to make cakes stay together better. We had fun saying this 'ship' was attacked by the Cracken! (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Pencil Back-to-School Cake

Yes, this is very lopsided, and the perfectionist in me looks at it now and shudders, but my girls loved this cake! What a way to get your kids excited to go back to school!

Pretty Butterfly Cake

Another cupcake cake, but not as much frosting! Very easy to serve at birthday parties!

Boy's Car Birthday Cake

A feeble attempt at a 'cupcake' car cake. Lots of frosting was involved in this cake.

Girly, Crown Birthday Cake

Another girly birthday cake for a couple princesses!

Rapunzel Birthday Cake

One of my first cakes. Obviously, my talents are getting better.