Friday, April 11, 2014

Police Officer Badge Cake

How fun is this?!?!?!  I got to make a cake for a going away party for a police officer.  The coolest part of this cake?  The fact that the officer actually designed this badge for his department! That's some skills of his own.  I loved the touches of the American flag and the little seal in the center.  And the mix of gold, silver and black.  It's really a cool looking badge!  Here's the picture the thoughtful wife sent me:

 And here's the cake:  I would have liked to touch things up a bit, but I ran out of time.  The perfectionist in my always sees the flaws.  But overall I really liked how it turned out.
We'll miss Michelle and Tyson, but we're excited for their future!  Thank you both for your service to our community!

"Frozen" Ice Castle Cake

I didn't get the best pictures of this cake, and it really didn't turn out quite like I wanted, but it was fun for my daughter who is OBSESSED with Disney's 'Frozen!'  I didn't want to do another castle cake like all the other castle cakes out there, so I struggled and struggled for several days before I knew what I was going to do for this cake.  That was my biggest problem.  Finding a real vision of what I wanted to do.  Yet again it was my husband who helped me decide.  He said, "Why don't you just carve a castle out of the cake you made?"  That got me thinking about the smooth lines of Elsa's Ice Castle, and the possibility of using boiled sugar like in a couple of past cakes.
 I tried one version of the ice castle by pouring the sugar over a castle shape I spent HOURS making, and it was an EPIC FAIL!!!  I crushed that sugar castle in the garbage after spending way too much time on it!  My poor little girl thought her dreams of a ice castle were gone.  Then I thought of this site I saw a while ago when researching for the Hunger Games cake.  So I spent about 3 hours cutting the hardened sugar to get the shape I was looking for.
 Once I had the castle finally planned out, I tried to tackle the idea for the back of the cake.  Sheesh, the job is never done!!!  So, frosting and a touch of fondant finished out the mountain for Elsa's castle.
Not my most pleasing cake, and I was glad to have it finally done, but it make my little customer happy!  We celebrated around my birthday too, so the flavor was my choice!  Carrot spice cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.  Super yummy and finally done!  Perfect.  Happy Birthday Livvy Lou.  We love you more every day!!!

Boy's version of CTR Baptism Cake

I just LOVE making cakes for events other than birthdays and weddings; like baptisms.  I didn't get many good photos of this cake, but it was so fun to make it for a very sweet family!  I did a little less girly letters than the last one and no flowers, but still just as special.  The polka dots on the cake board were fun and super easy.  I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing families who teach their children how to be upstanding youth!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Purple CTR Baptism Celebration Cake

How cute is this CTR cake?!  I loved making it.  Yet another purple cake!  I better learn to love purple because I actually have two more wedding cakes coming up that both have purple as the main color.   Someone in the universe must have heard me say I don't like making purple cakes.  So is life.  :)
 I wanted to make it cute and feminine and I got a cool new lace texture for Christmas, so..... How dainty is that texture on the board?  I thought it was perfect.
 I really debated on adding those flowers, but I'm really happy I did.  They gave it just a little more extra special touch to the cake.

 I'm not very good at taking pictures, and I'm definitely not as skilled as Brandi, so it's hard to tell how pretty the lace texture was and the purple color, but I promise it was really pretty!

It's just frosting on the cake with fondant as the accents.  It was so hard getting the purple fondant to match the purple frosting.  Thus, my love/hate relationship with purple!  But I was really happy with how it turned out.  What a special touch to a special day!  I'm sure Nykel was beautiful on her baptism day!

Eagle Scout Cupcakes Again

These were a super big hit the last time I made them.  And the thing that took the longest with this cake the first time?  Drawing and cutting out the wax paper eagle so I could use it to trace onto the modeling chocolate.  And guess what, I was smart enough to save that eagle!  Thank heavens!  It was so much easier to do the eagle this time around.  I didn't get a very good picture because I was in a hurry.  The best part of the cake was the flavors.  Chocolate fudge, white velvet and lemon pound!  They smelled soooo good!

Stormy Ocean Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

This cake is a perfect example of when I get creative license with a cake and how fun it is for me!!!  The client basically said: "Pirates, skull and crossbones, treasure chest, pirate ship....we trust you!"  YAY!!!  I LOVED this cake!  Every step of the way!  I originally had a vision of a blue ocean top tier and a pirate clothing bottom tier.  But my husband had an awesome idea of the ship going up a wave.  My only regret is not making that wave a little steeper, but it was really fun anyway.
 Originally I tried to take some shots of this on my stupid camera, but it just wasn't doing the cake any justice.  THANKFULLY, Brandi saved the day again!!  She's seriously so amazing when it comes to capturing the whole 'feel' of my cakes.  I LOVE having her take pictures of my cakes and showcasing how many details I put into them!  Really, go check her stuff out! 
 Totally edible cake and treasure!  Rice Krispie treat chest filled with handmade gold and sugar crystals I broke off of suckers.  
 Isn't that tag adorable?!  I had to look up a cool pirate font and I just painted the letters free hand.  The skull cave was really easy and fun to make with marbled fondant.
 Aren't those waves super cute?!  Gives it just a little more character.
 Trail of waves behind the ship.
 Rice Krispie treat ship with gum paste sails!  I LOVED IT!!!  My favorite part!  I loved doing all the details to make it super special!
 Here comes the wave....

 Yes, I even gave that little skull teeth!  This flag is modeling chocolate.
And this AMAZING aerial view of the cake was priceless!!  Brandi almost killed herself, which was half the fun.  It's so fun watching her in her element.  Overall this cake was just a blast from start to finish!  Happy birthday, Dallen!  Thank you for letting me make this super exciting cake!

Cascading Rose Petal Wedding Cake

My first 4 tiered wedding cake, and I was so stressed out all week long!  It had to travel about 50 miles and I was so worried it wouldn't travel well.  It was for friends of ours and we got to go to the wedding dinner.  Which meant I got to see it at the venue.  But really, lets be honest.  All I noticed at the dinner was how amazing the bride looked!  And it was so fun seeing the cake served.
 I studied and studied the picture of reference for this middle flower.  Basically I made the first 3 or 4 rows of petals in one piece then just added petals on the cake to make it bigger.
 I love this shot of the cake!  Yet again I have my photography magician, Brandi, helping me out!  When I took the cake to her I was so down on myself with how it was looking.  As she took the pictures I felt so rejuvenated and happy with the cake.  Please please go check out her website!  She does amazing work:
 See, look how beautiful that shot is!!  Brandi helped me love the cake after stressing over it for so long!
 And this angle is wonderful!

This cake was really a challenge for me, but ended up being exactly what the sweet bride had been dreaming of.  I was so happy to finally make her cake since she's been wanting me to do it for years!  I've known her since she was an adorable little 12 year old in Young Women's.  It was truly a joy to see her all grown up and gorgeous and happy with her wedding day!  Congratulations Mikele and Chris!