Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mint Green Rose Swirl Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was so gorgeous and simple.  I had help rolling those pretty little pearls and I'm finally getting the smooth frosting down better.  It doesn't take me nearly as long as it used to!  This was for a super deserving couple who've spent way too much time apart due to his service in the military.  Thank you both for your sacrifice and service!!

 Little fondant Spiderman for the groom!  There was a lot of Spiderman accents to this beautiful, rustic wedding!

Congratulations Cody and Brittany!  I'm so happy for you both to finally be together!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Teaching Degree Graduation Cake

Sometimes it's nice to do a very cute but simple cake!   This is a cake for a sweet girl who graduated with her teaching degree.  I've never done the big bows on the top of a cake, so it was fun to try one out.  I loved doing the different ribbon patterns too!
 Sometime I'm going to have to invest in a sugar cricket so I can cut those letters out quicker!  These took forever!!
 Letters and numbers painted on black modeling chocolate with white petal dust.  Love that stuff!

 Gum paste ribbon bow!  I loved the colors and textures!

What a fun little colorful cake!  Congratulations, Ashley!!  

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Armor of God Baptism Cake

When I was asked to make another baptism cake I knew I wanted to do something other than a CTR shield.  So I thought, hey, how about an Armor of God cake!  I loved making this cake every step of the way!!  And the flavors were yummy to!  Vanilla, strawberry lemonade, and mint chocolate chip.  And let me not forget to mention my amazing photographer!!  Brandi Teuscher is so amazingly talented!!  Please click on her name to see all her incredible skills with a camera!!!
 Greaves armor for the legs, CTR shield, leather battle skirt, leather chest guard, leather shoulder armor, sword and helmet.

 The sword was fun and had kind of a "Lord of the Rings" feel to it.  Made of gum paste

 Let greaves were made of gum paste and a super fun idea.

 This wasn't part of the actual cake, but I LOVED the fondant wood decoration on the board.  
 Gum paste CTR shield.  Had to get that in!
 Rice krispie helmet covered in modeling chocolate.

 It was really fun making that marbled leather look.  I actually loved how clean the cake looked.  Modeling chocolate is so great to get those straight lines!

Great job, Dallin!  For making a big decision in your life!

Strawberry Lemon/Lime Cake

Lemon lime cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting and lemon cream cheese filling with fresh strawberries.  My baby girl never got her actual birthday cake, so better late than never!!  Happy birthday Livvy girl!  We love you tons and tons!

Cherry Chocolate Celebration cake

My dad just retired after working his tail off for 25 years!  He loves cherry chocolates so I did a chocolate cake with cherry cream cheese frosting and a hot fudge drizzle.  Super yummy!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Twin Smash Cake Photo Shoot

Brandi did this ADORABLE shoot of the cutest twins ever!!!  (Please go check out her site: cause she's amazing!!  She just did a wedding and the pictures are stunning!)  I love making smash cakes and these ones were extra fun.  They were a little smaller than the other ones I've been making, and they were just the right size!  I'll be doing  more of these!!

These shots of their little toes are always my favorite!!  Happy birthday Jocelyn and Dallin!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lego Chima Birthday Cake

This cake was a dream for my boys!  Lego Chima is a fun show for them and they love playing with the little Lego sets.  This is for a repeat customer and I love making cakes for them.  They give me a theme and I get to roll with my creative juices!  It's the best.  This is the Lion castle and the mountain behind the castle with little modeling chocolate Lego characters.  

 Laval; isn't he so adorable?!
 It was fun carving out that mountain.  I like doing different shaped cakes!

 Cragger; he's one tough dude!

Happy birthday, Dallin!  I hope your party was fabulous!