Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mickey Mouse Smash Cake

This little smash cake was super duper fun!  Colorful and Mickey Mouse, there's not much that can beat that!!  And the color of the cake ended up a lot brighter than I'd meant it to be, but oh well.  That much more fun for the cute little birthday boy!  And guess what?!?!  Yes, you're right, Brandi took these amazing photos!  I love how they turned out with the fun bouncy balls and banner!  Please check out her other limitless skills here:

Happy birthday Wesley; you adorable little cutie patootie!  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Colorful Smash Cake

A fun, colorful smash cake for another one year old photo shoot.  Brandi did the pictures again and did an amazing job!  Her pictures always put mine to shame!  PLEASE go see her work here:   Her talent knows NO bounds!!!

I absolutely love this picture!  Poor baby was in sugar shock!  And look at those cute little piggies!  Just too much fun!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Return Missionary Cake: Washington Mission

My camera is seriously going to die on me!  I tried so many times to get a good shot of this cake and my camera just wasn't working.  Just try to pretend it looks good in pictures. 
 I love making return missionaries cakes because they are totally personal to that missionary.  I try to include as much personal stuff as I can!  In this case the missionary went to Washington State where he took a lot of pictures with Navy soldiers.  Thus the sailor hat, dog tags and neck ribbon for the Navy.

 Shape of the state of Washington and the cake was decorated to look like the state flag.  A scripture bag, tie and missionary name tag finished this bad boy off.
If you look really close you can see what I wrote on the dog tags.  Spencer, M. (His name; Spencer Memmott.)  The social security # is the date he came home plus some zeros.  I just put a random blood type and his religious belief is LDS.  Welcome Home Spencer!!  

Happy Birthday Monster Cake

This cake was super fun to make for my little birthday boy!  His request was simple. Do exactly what he wants and don't try to change the colors or monsters or amount of eyes and no tail or pointy teeth!  He's not picky at all, except when it comes to his birthday cake.  And he's only 6!!!  I looked online for some little monster clip art pictures and let him choose 2 he wanted.  He picked these 2 adorable little monsters and he made sure I drew a picture of what he wanted exactly!
 I wanted to do two pointy teeth on the green monster, but he said it would look evil if we did that...
 I wanted to give the blue monster a tail, but he said 'no way!'...
 I wanted to do yellow spots on the blue monster, he said they had to be light blue...
I wanted to do 3 eyes on the green monster, he said it had to be ONE!  See, my little guy's not picky at all!!  RIGHT!  It was really a joy making this cake exactly as he wanted it.  And he couldn't have been happier with it!!!  Happy birthday Ronny boy!  
We love you oodles and oodles!

Lace Piping White and Red Wedding Cake

This photo is NOT good quality, and I'm bummed you can't see all the detail in the piping on this cake, but this was the best my camera would do.  It's really starting to shut down on me.  This wedding cake was based on the lace on the bride's veil.  It took quite a while, but it was worth it in the end!

Purple Rose Swirl Smash Cake

I love doing 'smash cakes' because they are little, and adorable, my friend takes amazing photos of them, and a cute little baby gets to demolish it!!!  I also love how simple this cake is to make.  Swirls of ombre frosting just couldn't be more elegant or easy!  Thank you, Brandi, for your amazing skills and opportunities to make such fun cakes for such tiny little customers!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Super Yummy Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Nothing too fancy on this one, just a whole lot of yumminess!!  Chocolate cake with fresh strawberry cream cheese frosting and freshly cut strawberry filling.  Chocolate ganache and chocolate covered strawberries.  This is one of our all time favorites at our house!!  Made this time for my friend's awesome husband.  Happy birthday, Ryan!!