Thursday, February 11, 2016

Football/Baseball Birthday Cake

This cake ended up taking twists and turns throughout the whole process!  My mind is all over the place some times when I work on a cake, and this was one of those cases.  My original ideas was to have the football bursting out of the bottom tier and the baseball bursting out of the top tier.  With the letter 'P' on the top of the cake.  Well, as you can see things changed!
It all began when I made the football WAY too big for the cake base I had the cake on.  So, it ended up on the top.  But really, I like it where it ended up!  
 This baseball glove was a last second idea and I'm so glad I did it.  It's made of modeling chocolate.
 The 'P' from the letter-man jacket and the birthday boy's name 'stitched' across it.
 The baseball and football were rice krispie treats covered in modeling chocolate.  The whole cake is covered in modeling chocolate as well.  (I've decided I much prefer modeling chocolate to fondant!)
 Super fun texture for this football!
 The birthday boy's football jersey number and pattern of his jersey.

 Field goal post made of gum paste. 

I really loved making this cake and how clean and crisp it came out!  It's so fun to watch a cake evolve into something so bright and original.  Happy birthday, Jake!  Go Rams!


  1. What a stunning cake!! I too prefer modelling chocolate to fondant and I was wondering how you covered the cake in it.Also how did you achieve such a pure white color with it.?

    1. The pure white is achieved by using pure white Wilton melting chips melted down then I add the corn syrup. To cover the cake is kind of a process. But basically I cover the top of the cake with a circle then do a rectangle to cover the sides. I am considered making a video showing this process. Thank you for your interest!

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    1. Thank you!! You are very kind! I haven't done posts on here in over a year, but I need to get back on it!