Saturday, February 22, 2014

Little Monster Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake

I finally got to make a topsy turvy cake!  And how fun that it is a colorful monster cake.  This was for a lucky little 3 year old's birthday party.  And how cute that the mommy wanted to have the cupcakes as little party favors for the tiny guests.  I LOVED doing a whole set of cupcakes to go with the cake!
 Aren't the googly eyes adorable?!
 It was super fun for me to use the new little cupcake stands for this cake.  And the colors were so fun to play with!  And that winking monster eye?!  My 5 year old's idea!  How brilliant was he?!
 I loved having a monster 'eye' theme to his cake!  And the teeth added such a fun touch!
 This little striped monster was my boys' favorite monster face.
 And this little yellow monster was the girls' favorite monster!  (Mine too!)
 Little monster letters for the birthday boy's name!  He was SOOO cute when he came with his dad to pick up the cake!  My kids were kind of scared of the blue claws, but I thought they were perfect.
AND THE TAIL!  I loved this part of the cake. You can't beat the tiny little spikes!
Happy birthday Xalen!  You're one cute, deserving little 'monster!'

Wonder Woman with Cape Birthday Cake

A super fun Wonder Woman cake for a sweet friend of mine!  When I looked online for ideas it seemed like every single cake looked the same.  I tried to do a little different twist on the idea by adding the cape!  I don't remember watching this show very much, but it was fun to capture the feeling of the show.

  A little better look at the awesome cape, which by the way was a PAIN to make.  But well worth it in the end!  It added a lot to the cake.
 I gave the gold 'breast plate' a little more of a curve.  It needed some dimension!
 I tried taking some pictures in the sunlight and it kind of worked out.  Morning light is great!

 My husband told me that he and his friends always thought the Wonder Woman rope was a hilarious idea.  "Here, I'm going to tie you up in this tiny little gold rope and tickle your feet..."  He had a whole monologue about how silly he thought it was.  I wish I could remember it all.
Happy birthday, Alecia!  You are truly a Wonder Woman yourself!!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Old School Vegas Themed Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

When I was asked to make a Vegas themed Dance Club cake I really struggled with ideas.  Then I thought, maybe I could do something cool with the architecture of this.  I used want to go into architecture design, so this was a fun way to use that once forgotten passion.  Then I just had to add sparkles and a limo, and there you go!

 'Chelly's Club 16!'  Fun name, right?!
 I had to use toothpicks for some structural pieces and the tiny runway rope stands, but other than that and the lights, this cake was totally edible. 
 Couldn't forget the road and sidewalks. 
 The limo was a shaped rice krispie treat covered in modeling chocolate.  And the spotlights were colorful tea light candles wrapped with modeling chocolate.
 I used silver luster dust to accent those bricks and the front entrance.

 And here are the fun lights that give the cake that true Vegas feel.  How cool that Brandi caught the reflections of the lights!!!!  She continues to amaze me with her skills!!
 I LOVED how the colors changed.  It was like a little surprise each time Brandi took a picture.  What color would be showing this time?!

 Isn't that rainbow of color inside the cake so fun?!  I went so many directions with this cake, and it was continually changing AS I was making it.  It's always fun to do new ideas and try new things! That top tier was just a plain white frosted cake, and then I had to wrap a large can with the purple gum paste several days before so it was nice and hard.  Once I had the cake assembled and I had added the tea lights I just carefully slipped the purple 'wall' over the top tier.  The effect was SOOOO fun!
 This picture was darker than the others kind of by accident, but I absolutely loved its!  It shows the colors of the lights so well and it really has such a Vegas Lights feel to it!  Just what the customer ordered.

Although this cake took a LOT of thought and rethought, it was well worth it in the end.  The lights were so fun and the colors were perfect.  The birthday girl loved it, and she looked beautiful as she celebrated her special 16th birthday!  Happy Birthday, Chelly!  You're fabulous, darling!