Friday, March 27, 2015

Twin Smash Cake Photo Shoot

Brandi did this ADORABLE shoot of the cutest twins ever!!!  (Please go check out her site: cause she's amazing!!  She just did a wedding and the pictures are stunning!)  I love making smash cakes and these ones were extra fun.  They were a little smaller than the other ones I've been making, and they were just the right size!  I'll be doing  more of these!!

These shots of their little toes are always my favorite!!  Happy birthday Jocelyn and Dallin!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lego Chima Birthday Cake

This cake was a dream for my boys!  Lego Chima is a fun show for them and they love playing with the little Lego sets.  This is for a repeat customer and I love making cakes for them.  They give me a theme and I get to roll with my creative juices!  It's the best.  This is the Lion castle and the mountain behind the castle with little modeling chocolate Lego characters.  

 Laval; isn't he so adorable?!
 It was fun carving out that mountain.  I like doing different shaped cakes!

 Cragger; he's one tough dude!

Happy birthday, Dallin!  I hope your party was fabulous!

Twin Smash Cakes

How fun is this?!  Cute little smash cakes for a brother and sister!  I seriously love making smash cakes!!!  Happy birthday Jocelyn and Dallin!

Shabby Chic Rosette Smash Cake

My favorite smash cake EVER!!  I loved the shabby chic theme of the photo shoot!  Plus the customer I made it for is fabulous!  Little, rosy cakes are the BEST!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gold and White Chalkboard Wedding Cake

I got to make a giant 5 tiered cake!  And I had to drive it 3 hours to it's destination!!  The most tense 3 hours of my cake life!  I loved making this cake, though!!  It was a special cake to me because it was for a very close family friend.  She's basically a sister to me, and my kids call her their aunt, so it was a treat to make her cake for her!  It was fun taking the bride's ideas and mixing them all together to create something special just for her!

 It was fun getting pictures of the cake at it's venue, even though the lighting was a little hard to get good pictures.  
 Little Batman logo for the groom!
 The gorgeous bouquet that I based the flowers off of for the top of the cake.
 Wedding day!!  Pi day!
 The adorable proposal at campfire.  The airplane representing the time they spent apart while the groom was out of state.
 The first date at Jamba Juice.  Sharing a smoothie as they fell in love!
 They met on the dating site Tinder and this is the little logo for that site!
The lights were down and the evening was coming to an end but this image captured the fun sparkles in the cake!  This was probably the absolute best wedding I've been to!  I love you Nicole!!!!  Thank you Nicole and Grant for letting me be a part of your special day!  

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Zombie Birthday Cake

Okay, I have a confession to make.....I'm terrified of zombies.  I can't watch movies with them or TV shows, or even look at pictures of them without cringing.  So when I got this cake order I was really nervous!  When I googled pictures I got even more nervous, and freaked out!  I won't lie, I was hoping they wanted "cute" zombie and I had all these cute ideas of little 'cartoon' zombies and a very tidy cake.  I love straight lines and smooth patterns, so when they said, "The more blood the better," I was out of my comfort zone.  But who grows without getting outside their comfort zone?!  

 Yes, he's holding his own intestines....ewwwww!!!!
 The blood spatters were my favorite part.  Comes from when I used to paint wood crafts, which rarely happens these days!
The exposed brain was one of the parts my kids really didn't like.  I knew I'd done a good job when they couldn't even look at it!  Thus this picture.....
I had to hide the zombie with this book while I worked on the cake.  :)  
Now I know I can make a zombie cake without freaking out!  I didn't even have any nightmares!!
Happy birthday Xalen!  You're one tough cookie!!

"Blaze and the Monster Machine's" birthday cake

I've never heard of "Blaze and the Monster Machines," until now!  I had a hard time finding pictures of the trucks for this cake, but it was worth all the work!  What a perfect cake for a little boy's birthday party!

 Blaze was made out of fruity pepples treat and modeling chocolate.  Actually, this whole cake was decorated in modeling chocolate!
 It was fun making the torn pieces with the tires bursting out!

 Hand painted trucks. These were the only parts that were gum paste.  I loved painting them!

Happy birthday, Case!!  One lucky boy!

Zebra Princess Pink Cupcakes

These were fun little cupcakes for a little princess!  My own little princess wanted to eat them the whole time I was working on them!  The toppers were all melted candies and the flavor was princess pink; SUPER yummy!  So much fun!!!