Saturday, March 7, 2015

Zombie Birthday Cake

Okay, I have a confession to make.....I'm terrified of zombies.  I can't watch movies with them or TV shows, or even look at pictures of them without cringing.  So when I got this cake order I was really nervous!  When I googled pictures I got even more nervous, and freaked out!  I won't lie, I was hoping they wanted "cute" zombie and I had all these cute ideas of little 'cartoon' zombies and a very tidy cake.  I love straight lines and smooth patterns, so when they said, "The more blood the better," I was out of my comfort zone.  But who grows without getting outside their comfort zone?!  

 Yes, he's holding his own intestines....ewwwww!!!!
 The blood spatters were my favorite part.  Comes from when I used to paint wood crafts, which rarely happens these days!
The exposed brain was one of the parts my kids really didn't like.  I knew I'd done a good job when they couldn't even look at it!  Thus this picture.....
I had to hide the zombie with this book while I worked on the cake.  :)  
Now I know I can make a zombie cake without freaking out!  I didn't even have any nightmares!!
Happy birthday Xalen!  You're one tough cookie!!

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