Sunday, December 28, 2014

Aspen Yule Log

I've probably said this before, but I love making the yule log cakes for our friend's, the Cottams!  They are such awesome people, and I love having a new theme each year.  This year the request was simply funky mushrooms and an aspen log.  I loved doing the white 'log' and the mushrooms turned out super fun too.

And yes, every year I have to make a pumpkin roll cake for my family as well!  It just smells too good!!!  Happy holidays, and here's to another fun year of cakes in 2015!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ivory Ruffle and Jewels Wedding Cake

I've never been shy to tell people that I don't really love making wedding cakes, but this one was really fun for me.  I was given the color of ivory and a couple pictures and I just went with it.  I LOVE creating a different, original look for each bride.  And even the birthday cakes.  My biggest goal is to make something unique to that individual.  I've seen LOTS of cakes with the ruffles like this, so I tried to just break it up a little bit with the ruffles and jewels.  
 And yes, the fabulous Brandi took pictures for me again!  Please, please go check out her website to see how multi-talented she is!! 
 The little silver balls are edible, but the 'diamonds' are little stickers that I used to create the broaches. 
 Isn't is just so pretty?!  I really loved this cake so much!

Sometimes it's just fun for me to do a totally girly cake!  And this would be one of those times!  Congratulations Cooper and Aubri!  I loved making a cake for your special day!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gold Lace and White Roses and Pearls

This is the 4th birthday cake I've made for miss Brynlee June, and can I say I LOVED this one!  She is very much into vintage and pearls and everything delicate and pretty.  This cake was perfect for her!  And I loved making such a dainty cake with cupcakes to match!
 As I was making it I couldn't help thinking that the colors are Iron Man colors, though.  Hehe.  The nerd in me is coming out.  Or maybe it's the voice of my sister in my head.....either way, I love these colors together!!
 I tried a new way of doing roses and I really liked the way they turned out.  So pretty!

 I really wanted it to look like lace but I REALLY hate working with royal icing.  So, I melted down white chocolate chips and piped that onto the cake.  Once it was hardened I painted over it with gold luster dust. 
The pink frosting was strawberry cream cheese flavor and I really wished there had been more extra frosting.  It was super yummy!  Happy birthday Brynlee girl!  We love you tons and tons!

Indiana Jones meets The Avengers; Birthday Cake Form!

So, for some reason the cakes I make for my kids are always my favorites.  Maybe it's because I try to make it so personal for them, or because they get to be involved in the process.  Whatever the reason, it's such a joy making their cakes.  This cake was for my boy who turned nine.  His request?  Indiana Jones and the Avengers......ummmmm.  WHAT?!  My brain almost exploded with all the ideas that instantly ran through my mind.  I love both themes, Indiana Jones is probably a little more dear to my heart, so I was excited to make this happen.
And I have to thank Brandi again for taking the incredible pictures!!!  She's always so great to squeeze me in to her hectic schedule!  She's really so talented with a camera you've got to go check out her skills with people! :)
 ANYONE who's seen Indiana Jones knows exactly what this is!  The original treasure on this pedestal was a little gold fertility idol.  So, switch that out with the tesseract!  Add some carvings that are based on the Avenger's symbols, and BANG, there you go!
 Thor's hammer artwork and Black Widow's symbol with some swirls in it for the top row of carvings.

The second level of carvings are the radioactive symbol for Hulk and Captain America's shield.

The third level of carvings are Iron Man's arc reactor and Hawkeye's bow and arrow.  Plus, check out Indiana Jones sweet whip.  That was a last second idea that was much needed!  Braided gum paste isn't the easiest thing to work with....dries too fast!

 Tesseract all lit up by not using the studio lights.....
 .....and with the studio lights.

 Making that boiled sugar cube was SOOOO much harder than I thought it would be.  But I'm so glad it turned out and I was glad I spent the time doing it!

The hat was super fun.  What's more iconic for Indiana Jones than his hat?!  Totally edible; the whole cake and all the decorations!
It was heartbreaking to cut into this cake, as it always is for me, but it had to be done.  The party was a hit and my son was a happy birthday boy!  Happy Birthday JR!  You're so much fun, and such a joy to our family!  Keep that imagination flying and you'll reach the stars!

Arrow of Light Scout Award Cake

 This was a fun cake I did for one of my favorite customers!!  A pretty simple cake for an awesome achievement!  I'm having a hard time getting my son to get into scouting, but this mom is doing it right!  And it's so great of her to praise her son with a fun cake.

 I really wanted it to have the texture of the patch.
Great job, Xander!  Such a great example to his siblings!

Circus Elephant Cake

This. Cake. Took. Forever!!!!  The hardest part for me was just trying to figure out how to get the legs and trunk to stay on.  I'm not a professional, and I don't know how to use PVC pipes and wood to create the skeleton for my cakes, so this was a huge challenge for me!!  It was really a very hard cake for me, but I have to say it was one of my most rewarding finished products!
 Look at that cute little elephant face!
 The one request for the elephant was that he have a green bow tie.  I added the vest because I thought it needed a little more color.  The birthday girl was so excited to see it and it made my day to see her and her mom so happy with it!

 The tusks and trunk were so fun!  Before I had them on the cake I kept saying I hated it because it just did't look right.  But once those were on it finally looked like an elephant.  Cute little wrinkly guy!
 The cute little tail.  Had to make sure you could see the wrinkles back there...
The funniest think about this cake was that I kept saying, "I'm never making another animal cake.  EVER AGAIN!"  But when I showed this cake on my Facebook account I had more than one person say they'd love this cake in the future....
Happy Birthday Jory!!  You are a beautiful girl!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Pretty Skulls Wedding Cake

I know I know.  Pretty and Skulls don't really go together.  And believe me, I've been in the catacombs so I know how freaky real skulls can be!!  But this wedding cake was such a delight to make!  I loved making the skulls and hand painting them.  The bride was so fun to work with and it was a joy every step of the way!

 Modeling chocolate roses again.  I loved the purple the bride chose!
 Isn't it fun how there is one masculine skull and one feminine one?!

 This is the set up we did in Brandi's studio because I didn't want to set up the whole cupcake stand.  I loved how her lace burlap tied in so well with what the bride actually set up at her wedding!

The cake all set up at the wedding.  It was truly neat to watch the bride and groom get married.  I don't usually get invited to the ceremony for my brides.  They are so in love!!  
Congratulations Jamie and Andrew!!

Lemonade stand cupcakes

These are the cupcakes from a lemonade stand photo shoot with Brandi.  Yes, she is a staple in my life when it comes to capturing my cakes!  She just does such a terrific job!  These were super fun and summery.  I just loved the bright yellow and pink!

Teapot and Teacups cake

So Brandi has wanted to do a 'tea party' photo shoot for a long time and we finally got together and planned one out!  It was so fun and we had a few different families of girls invited.  We kind of went all out and got all sorts of fun decorations and I got to make the cake!!!  Um, teapot cake?!  Yes please!
 And of course, her photos always make my cakes look amazing; she has such a gift!!
 I mean, look at this awesome photo!  The cupcakes had tiny little sugar teacups on them that I hand painted.  I have more photos of those, but I'll have to add them at another time.  They were so fun to make!

 Textured rose and leaves then hand painted to add more fun and color!
These were my first attempt at modeling chocolate roses.  Kind of fun, but I still prefer gum paste.  Happy Birthday Leandra!  What a super fun way to celebrate your birthday!  And check out Brandi's site to see more of the fun photo shoot!