Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Indiana Jones meets The Avengers; Birthday Cake Form!

So, for some reason the cakes I make for my kids are always my favorites.  Maybe it's because I try to make it so personal for them, or because they get to be involved in the process.  Whatever the reason, it's such a joy making their cakes.  This cake was for my boy who turned nine.  His request?  Indiana Jones and the Avengers......ummmmm.  WHAT?!  My brain almost exploded with all the ideas that instantly ran through my mind.  I love both themes, Indiana Jones is probably a little more dear to my heart, so I was excited to make this happen.
And I have to thank Brandi again for taking the incredible pictures!!!  She's always so great to squeeze me in to her hectic schedule!  She's really so talented with a camera you've got to go check out her skills with people! :)  http://www.teuscherphotography.com/
 ANYONE who's seen Indiana Jones knows exactly what this is!  The original treasure on this pedestal was a little gold fertility idol.  So, switch that out with the tesseract!  Add some carvings that are based on the Avenger's symbols, and BANG, there you go!
 Thor's hammer artwork and Black Widow's symbol with some swirls in it for the top row of carvings.

The second level of carvings are the radioactive symbol for Hulk and Captain America's shield.

The third level of carvings are Iron Man's arc reactor and Hawkeye's bow and arrow.  Plus, check out Indiana Jones sweet whip.  That was a last second idea that was much needed!  Braided gum paste isn't the easiest thing to work with....dries too fast!

 Tesseract all lit up by not using the studio lights.....
 .....and with the studio lights.

 Making that boiled sugar cube was SOOOO much harder than I thought it would be.  But I'm so glad it turned out and I was glad I spent the time doing it!

The hat was super fun.  What's more iconic for Indiana Jones than his hat?!  Totally edible; the whole cake and all the decorations!
It was heartbreaking to cut into this cake, as it always is for me, but it had to be done.  The party was a hit and my son was a happy birthday boy!  Happy Birthday JR!  You're so much fun, and such a joy to our family!  Keep that imagination flying and you'll reach the stars!

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