Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gold Lace and White Roses and Pearls

This is the 4th birthday cake I've made for miss Brynlee June, and can I say I LOVED this one!  She is very much into vintage and pearls and everything delicate and pretty.  This cake was perfect for her!  And I loved making such a dainty cake with cupcakes to match!
 As I was making it I couldn't help thinking that the colors are Iron Man colors, though.  Hehe.  The nerd in me is coming out.  Or maybe it's the voice of my sister in my head.....either way, I love these colors together!!
 I tried a new way of doing roses and I really liked the way they turned out.  So pretty!

 I really wanted it to look like lace but I REALLY hate working with royal icing.  So, I melted down white chocolate chips and piped that onto the cake.  Once it was hardened I painted over it with gold luster dust. 
The pink frosting was strawberry cream cheese flavor and I really wished there had been more extra frosting.  It was super yummy!  Happy birthday Brynlee girl!  We love you tons and tons!

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