Monday, December 15, 2014

Pretty Skulls Wedding Cake

I know I know.  Pretty and Skulls don't really go together.  And believe me, I've been in the catacombs so I know how freaky real skulls can be!!  But this wedding cake was such a delight to make!  I loved making the skulls and hand painting them.  The bride was so fun to work with and it was a joy every step of the way!

 Modeling chocolate roses again.  I loved the purple the bride chose!
 Isn't it fun how there is one masculine skull and one feminine one?!

 This is the set up we did in Brandi's studio because I didn't want to set up the whole cupcake stand.  I loved how her lace burlap tied in so well with what the bride actually set up at her wedding!

The cake all set up at the wedding.  It was truly neat to watch the bride and groom get married.  I don't usually get invited to the ceremony for my brides.  They are so in love!!  
Congratulations Jamie and Andrew!!

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