Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wonder Woman with Cape Birthday Cake

A super fun Wonder Woman cake for a sweet friend of mine!  When I looked online for ideas it seemed like every single cake looked the same.  I tried to do a little different twist on the idea by adding the cape!  I don't remember watching this show very much, but it was fun to capture the feeling of the show.

  A little better look at the awesome cape, which by the way was a PAIN to make.  But well worth it in the end!  It added a lot to the cake.
 I gave the gold 'breast plate' a little more of a curve.  It needed some dimension!
 I tried taking some pictures in the sunlight and it kind of worked out.  Morning light is great!

 My husband told me that he and his friends always thought the Wonder Woman rope was a hilarious idea.  "Here, I'm going to tie you up in this tiny little gold rope and tickle your feet..."  He had a whole monologue about how silly he thought it was.  I wish I could remember it all.
Happy birthday, Alecia!  You are truly a Wonder Woman yourself!!!


  1. May I ask...did you use flower paste for the breast plate? Thank you & kind regards

    1. I used a mixture of gum paste and modeling chocolate for the breastplate. That way it was stiff enough to stay up on the cake without falling down before it dried. Thanks for looking :)