Thursday, February 11, 2016

'Psych' TV Show Murder Mystery Birthday Cake

Last year I told my kids....."NO big fancy cakes!!"  This year, I said, "Let's do big elaborate cakes so I can stretch my creativity!"  Well, this is what evolved.  After YEARS of my girls trying to convince me that I would like the TV show 'Psych' I finally caved and gave it a try.  And well, I've laughed so hard every single episode!!!  Gus pretending he's Michael Jackson, oh my gosh!  I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard!  That show makes me feel young and I love it!
 But, on to the cake and what we were going for.  We had just watched a Yin and Yang episode and the creative juices were just flowing!  Cream pie, the number pi, pineapple, fedora hat, gun in the gears.....ya, we put it all in there.  Plus 6 hidden yin/yang symbols.
 2 of the hidden symbols are right here.  And yes, I LOVE making gears.  So sorry!  It's a weakness!
 Symbol in the cream pie.  It was a pain getting the gum paste to look like cream, but it finally came through.  With a touch of cocoa powder to make it look toasted!  HAHA, fooled the kids.  They all fought over who got the pie but it didn't taste nearly as good as it looked!  Gum paste is just too chewy.
 'P.S. oh and bring your physic along.'  My birthday girl wrote the letters on these squares. She did a terrific job! (Another symbol)
 You can't see it in this picture, but there was a hidden symbol on the side of the pineapple also.  And my 5 year old insisted that I make this look dirty with cocoa powder.  She's such a stickler for details!
 The last hidden symbol here on the hat.  
 The number pi wrapped around the cake, which was covered in black modeling chocolate.  No fondant for this child!
Now, if you think this cake was involved, that's NOTHING compared to the party!  Thanks to two VERY loved aunts, this party was a HUGE hit for a bunch of teenagers!  Happy birthday Ali girl!  We love you tons and tons!!

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