Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Raiders Football Birthday Cake

How about a 180% turn from the last cake?!  Total boy, here!  
Although this cake was a simple cake, it took a surprisingly long time.  All that time?.....spent on what?  That little helmet!  WOW!  I'll have to rethink that if I ever make one again!
 That being said, I really loved how the cake turned out with the color scheme and banner design.  A few changes were made here and there, but that seems to be my lot in life!
 The helmet was made of cocoa krispie treat covered in modeling chocolate and sprayed with edible silver spray paint.  What took the longest was the bars across the front; I broke them and had to redo them twice!!!  Sheesh!  But it was worth it in the end!
 That little face was painted in white luster dust, then etched out with a pin.  Took some time, but it seemed to work.
 Torn modeling chocolate at the bottom with silver luster dust accents.
 Originally I had the 'GO' on the top of the cake, but it covered up the hand so I moved them to the side as a banner.  Sometimes I have to compromise with my cakes!
Happy Birthday, Bryson!  And go Raiders! :)


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    1. Thank you so very much! Yes, I need to get back on blogging my cakes!