Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pearly Purple and Teal Mermaid Cake

This was one of the absolute funnest cakes to make ever!!!!  I love making cakes for these customers because they give me free reign over the design.  I was given the color palette and theme.  Purple and teal and mermaid!!  My daughter said she wants this as a wedding cake because she loves it so much!
And yes, Brandi took these amazing photos!  I would have cried if I hadn't been able to capture all the details of this beauty, and Brandi did it beautifully.  I tell her she's a magician with a camera instead of a wand!

 I always say how hard it is to make people, but I loved making this mermaid.  Her little flower and necklace and curls in her hair.  Mostly made out of modeling chocolate and gum paste mixed together.
 See, we kind of loved getting pictures of her cute little self!

 I wanted to kind of do an abstract mimic of a mermaid tail at the bottom of the cake.  Thus the ruffles and 'scales' pattern.  It turned out so fun!
 Beautiful aerial shot!
 The tail had to dry propped up against a bag of my fondant cutters and I curled each of those strands of hair around a wooden skewer. 

 The sand dollars and starfish were made out of white chocolate melted and then piped out onto waxed paper into the shapes I needed them.

 At the last second I added the little purple pearls and I'm so glad I did.  They gave it just the right finishing touch!

Happy birthday Addison!!  I loved your reaction when you saw your special birthday cake and I loved making this special cake for you!!

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