Monday, June 30, 2014

Return Missionary Cake: Washington Mission

My camera is seriously going to die on me!  I tried so many times to get a good shot of this cake and my camera just wasn't working.  Just try to pretend it looks good in pictures. 
 I love making return missionaries cakes because they are totally personal to that missionary.  I try to include as much personal stuff as I can!  In this case the missionary went to Washington State where he took a lot of pictures with Navy soldiers.  Thus the sailor hat, dog tags and neck ribbon for the Navy.

 Shape of the state of Washington and the cake was decorated to look like the state flag.  A scripture bag, tie and missionary name tag finished this bad boy off.
If you look really close you can see what I wrote on the dog tags.  Spencer, M. (His name; Spencer Memmott.)  The social security # is the date he came home plus some zeros.  I just put a random blood type and his religious belief is LDS.  Welcome Home Spencer!!  

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