Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lego Princess and Castle Cake

Legos....Princess.....Castle......More legos!!!  How cute is that?!
I used a little lego mold and made the legos out of melted vanilla candy (the Wilton kind) and the castle tower spires out of melted candy set up in little cone shapes.  I melted the bottoms of the legos on a hot pan then pieced them together to build the castle.  It took a little time, but ended up super fun and just how I wanted it!

 My sweet daughter helped me cut out all those tiny green circles to make it look like a lego board.  Took a while but we had fun together!

 My favorite part?  That adorable little lego princess!  She was so fun to make and I loved her little face.  Drawn on with edible markers!  Love those things.  And I LOVE the pictures Brandi took!  I'll never be able to do cakes without her pictures anymore!
Happy birthday, Ashlee!  I loved making your adorable little lego cake!!!

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