Tuesday, June 3, 2014

1st Birthday Boston Red Sox Baseball Cake

This was such a special cake for me to make.  Some friends of mine that I've had for years asked me to do this cake for their son's first birthday and I couldn't wait to make it super special for them!  I hadn't seen them in years and it was so great to visit with them and catch up when I delivered the cake.  That's the best part of making cakes for people.  The delivery and being able to see their happy faces and develop and carry on cherished friendships!
 I was not happy with the cake board, but I loved how the cake looked!  The little triangle banner was a last minute idea and I loved how it turned out.  Such a perfect addition for a little boy's birthday celebration!
 And yes, Brandi was my photographer again!  She's so skilled and I love that she takes time to showcase my cakes!
Happy birthday, Camden!  You have the most amazing family in the world and I love you all!

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