Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Purple Textured Frosting Wedding Cake

I've never done textured frosting and it was so fun trying a new technique.  Getting the color just right was probably the hardest part, but I finally got it right.  The ivory flower was my favorite part; I'm quite partial to making sugar flowers!  The bride was a dream to work with and was such a sweetheart!!  I've been pretty lucky to have such incredible brides to make cakes for!

 Yet again my fabulous photographer, Brandi, took these pictures.  She's really kind of spoiling me!  Here's her site if you ever need family photos or any other photos you can think of!  : http://www.teuscherphotography.com/
 The bride was so sweet and wanted to include her groom with this edible little Harley Davidson logo on the back of the cake.  Made with modeling chocolate and hand painted letters!

 Brandi is so awesome to get these unique views of the cake!  I love how she was able to capture the swirls I did on the top of the cake even.  I actually had to do the texture on this cake twice because the first time it just didn't have quite enough texture.  I was really happy with how it ended up.  Such a fun, rustic idea for a cake!

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