Friday, October 30, 2015

Disney Haunted Mansion Birthday Cake

When I first got this cake order I think I squealed in excitement!  I am kind of weird and I really like Halloween cakes.  I don't really get to do them, though.  I've done the zombie cake but it wasn't for Halloween, and I did my son's Steampunk Pumpkin cake but not much else.  Not many people have Halloween themed birthday parties.  Now, that being said, I don't like creepy, gross, bloody Halloween stuff, the zombie nearly killed me!  I like stuff like this.....  Clean, crisp, tidy Haunted Mansion cake!
 My teenage daughters have a special love of this Disneyland attraction ride, so they gave me some great pointers as I worked on this cake.  I knew I didn't want it to look like any other Haunted Mansion cake out there so I spent WAY too many hours stewing over what I was going to do to make this cake special and unique!
 I happened to come across a picture of the fortune telling crystal ball and candles.  I knew I'd hit my inspiration!
 I kind of had a different direction I was going to go with this black drapery, but once I had the wall paper framed in, I knew this had to be done!
 Hand painted 'wall paper' based on the wall paper in the ride.  I rolled out the gum paste and let it dry on a 9" round styrofoam.  Once it was dry I drew on the design with an edible marker.  Took some time, but it turned out pretty fun!
 I'm working on my photography skills to get good shots of my cakes.  I'm not perfect yet, but we'll get there.  
 I'm so bummed I didn't get a good shot with the lighting behind the candles!  They really light up!
 Madame Leota is made with gum paste then painted with edible markers, luster dust and cocoa butter.  It's the same process I used for the Elsa Frozen cake.
All in all I LOVED making this cake!  It's always fun to see my thoughts come to life in a cake!  Happy birthday Anya, and thank you for the opportunity to make such a fun cake!

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