Monday, October 12, 2015

'97 Chevy Truck Cake

Every time I do a shaped cake I tell myself I never want to do another one!  This cake actually wasn't as hard as the last truck cake I made.  Probably because I used a sturdier cake to start with.  This cake was made to look like the birthday 'boy's' first truck.  His sweet wife knew how much it meant to him and wanted to recreate it in cake form.  I always love when wives want to give their husband something so special and individualized.  

 Covered in a mixture of modeling chocolate and fondant.

 Tires were made of fruity pebble treats and covered in modeling chocolate.
 This is the first time I made an extra stand on the cake board to hold up the truck.  That way you could see all the way under the truck!  With a little extra work it gave it just the look it needed!
Add a little 'dirt' and 'mud'!!  The license plate read DRTY30.  It's the little details.  
Happy birthday, Bryce!

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