Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Vintage Dude/Ninja Nerd Birthday Cake

This is a mix of a couple ideas, but it turned out quite well.  The sweet wife wanted to make the shift to 50 as painless as possible for her husband.  When she saw the "Vintage Dude" birthday theme she knew that was the answer.  Throw in his love of ninja's and we had a cake!  Vanilla cake with yummy raspberry filling...oh so delicious!

 Large letters and numbers made of modeling chocolate the rest was hand painted on a square of fondant.
 Gum paste ninja and ninja stars.
 Modeling chocolate hand cut letters.  Super fun, but they take forever!
 Modeling chocolate Japanese arch
Just yummy frosting for most of this cake.  Happy birthday, Courtney!!!  (50's not that bad!)

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