Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Alice in Wonderland" Teacup Birthday Cake

There is something special and fun about PINK cakes!  And topsy turvy cakes are super fun!  The teacups were a little tricky, but much needed!

 The White Rabbit's clock.  "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!!"  Clock and #1 made of gum paste.
 I strayed a little from the original picture of this cake by making the blue pattern out of the playing card suit symbols!  Gotta get those little details in!
 I really love making gum paste flowers!  And those gold leaves are adorable!

 Do I need help with cakes?!  YES I DO!  I was so busy with cakes this week that my daughter was awesome and made that gold chain by herself!!  She painted it in gold for me too!  THANK YOU RACHEL!!!
 Here's the little smash cake to go with the big cake!  I really adore the rose swirls, and the teacup was painted by my daughter as well.
Okay, so sometimes something goes wrong with a cake.  Something went really wrong with this cake!  I delivered the cake, everything was all good, then I got a very sad message from the mom of the birthday girl.  The teacups had fallen off the cake and broken!  I felt awful cause I was out of town and wasn't able to fix it.  It was truly one of those heart dropping moments when I felt horrible! Live and learn with each cake!!  Please forgive me, Blaire!!!
Such a seriously cute cake and I enjoyed every second of making it!  Happy 1st birthday Morley!!! 
 I hope your party was super fun!!!

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