Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Blaze and the Monster Machines" Girl Version

The original idea for this cake was simple!  Take my other "Blaze" cake and make it in girl colors with the two little people characters instead of the painted trucks.  But as you can see, plans had to be changed!  This happens a lot to me!

 See this cute girl?  Ya, well Gabby was supposed to be a tiny little girl that would sit next to a big monster truck.  She ended up MUCH larger than I meant to do!
 So I ended up making a BIG monster truck coming out of a gift box instead!  I gotta work on proportions apparently.  But it was fun doing something different and I loved making the bow and ribbon for the gift box.  Plus, this is much more girly!
 Folds of the wrapping paper.  Cake was completely covered in modeling chocolate.
 Blaze's cool giant tires busting out of the cake.  Made of fruity pebble treats and covered in modeling chocolate.
 Gabby's cute little self.  Made of gum paste
 AJ rocking the thumbs up!  Made of gum paste with a wooden skewer as his skeleton. 
I REALLY loved making the front messy with the torn 'paper' and cake crumbs!  And I really really love making new designs and not repeating cake ideas.  So it all worked out in the end!  Oh, and it was yummy gluten free vanilla pound cake with creamy vanilla butter cream frosting!
Happy Birthday, Whitney!!!

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