Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stormy Ocean Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

This cake is a perfect example of when I get creative license with a cake and how fun it is for me!!!  The client basically said: "Pirates, skull and crossbones, treasure chest, pirate ship....we trust you!"  YAY!!!  I LOVED this cake!  Every step of the way!  I originally had a vision of a blue ocean top tier and a pirate clothing bottom tier.  But my husband had an awesome idea of the ship going up a wave.  My only regret is not making that wave a little steeper, but it was really fun anyway.
 Originally I tried to take some shots of this on my stupid camera, but it just wasn't doing the cake any justice.  THANKFULLY, Brandi saved the day again!!  She's seriously so amazing when it comes to capturing the whole 'feel' of my cakes.  I LOVE having her take pictures of my cakes and showcasing how many details I put into them!  Really, go check her stuff out! 
 Totally edible cake and treasure!  Rice Krispie treat chest filled with handmade gold and sugar crystals I broke off of suckers.  
 Isn't that tag adorable?!  I had to look up a cool pirate font and I just painted the letters free hand.  The skull cave was really easy and fun to make with marbled fondant.
 Aren't those waves super cute?!  Gives it just a little more character.
 Trail of waves behind the ship.
 Rice Krispie treat ship with gum paste sails!  I LOVED IT!!!  My favorite part!  I loved doing all the details to make it super special!
 Here comes the wave....

 Yes, I even gave that little skull teeth!  This flag is modeling chocolate.
And this AMAZING aerial view of the cake was priceless!!  Brandi almost killed herself, which was half the fun.  It's so fun watching her in her element.  Overall this cake was just a blast from start to finish!  Happy birthday, Dallen!  Thank you for letting me make this super exciting cake!

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