Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cascading Rose Petal Wedding Cake

My first 4 tiered wedding cake, and I was so stressed out all week long!  It had to travel about 50 miles and I was so worried it wouldn't travel well.  It was for friends of ours and we got to go to the wedding dinner.  Which meant I got to see it at the venue.  But really, lets be honest.  All I noticed at the dinner was how amazing the bride looked!  And it was so fun seeing the cake served.
 I studied and studied the picture of reference for this middle flower.  Basically I made the first 3 or 4 rows of petals in one piece then just added petals on the cake to make it bigger.
 I love this shot of the cake!  Yet again I have my photography magician, Brandi, helping me out!  When I took the cake to her I was so down on myself with how it was looking.  As she took the pictures I felt so rejuvenated and happy with the cake.  Please please go check out her website!  She does amazing work:
 See, look how beautiful that shot is!!  Brandi helped me love the cake after stressing over it for so long!
 And this angle is wonderful!

This cake was really a challenge for me, but ended up being exactly what the sweet bride had been dreaming of.  I was so happy to finally make her cake since she's been wanting me to do it for years!  I've known her since she was an adorable little 12 year old in Young Women's.  It was truly a joy to see her all grown up and gorgeous and happy with her wedding day!  Congratulations Mikele and Chris!  


  1. Mikele was over joyed with her perfect cake and her first love. I can't believe how much like the photo it looked. Mikele knew it would be. Thank you. You have done so many different cakes for us. You are awesome and I always recommend you!!