Monday, December 30, 2013

Forest themed Yule Log Cake

This is the 3rd Yule Log I've made for this awesome family and I LOVED the theme this year.  In the past I did a Celtic Yule Log and a Christmas Yule Log so it was really fun to do a new theme.  The colors were perfect and I LOVED the mushrooms!
 Little story about the mushrooms.  I was thinking I'd do brown ones to make them look very realistic, but then I found out my friend wanted the red and white ones.  So, I googled the REAL red and white mushrooms and tried to figure out how to make the brown ones I'd made into red ones.  I thought of making red fondant and covering the brown ones but I didn't have red gel coloring.  When I went to the craft store I was enlightened when I saw the Wilton red melting discs.  DUH!  How easy!  I melted it, I dipped them, they dried and TA-DA!  I had red mushrooms!  I was so happy it was that simple for me!  Then I just piped on the little dots.
 I really love doing the texture for wood cakes!  It's just chocolate frosting and I like to do some spots where white frosting shows through a little.  Makes it have a lot of texture.
 I loved the pine needles, but there were SOOOO much work!  I almost gave up on them, but I stuck to my picture in my mind.  I would have done more but they took so much time.
The best part about this cake?!  The TASTE!  Every year when I make this pumpkin roll I have to make one for my family because it's like torture smelling the cake cook and tasting the cream cheese frosting.  Oh, this is a delicious cake!  Merry Christmas, Cottam family!  And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our friends and family!

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