Friday, January 31, 2014

Purple Zebra Print Smash Cake

So for a long time now I have had a hard time with the color purple when it comes to cakes.  There are just so many shades and tints of purple that it can be difficult to really get the color I want.  Especially in pictures.  This cake was different.  I was able to see the purple fabrics I needed to match and my friend took the amazing pictures that show the stunning purple color beautifully!  My friend, Brandi Teuscher, took the pictures and here is her site if you want to see more of her talent!

These zebra stripes were done with butter cream frosting that I piped on then smoothed over with my frosting spatula.  It took forever but I LOVED the end result!  No fondant for smash cakes, so I had to be super detailed and careful!
 This gorgeous platter was one that Brandi had and I LOVE it!  So dainty and perfect for a little girl!

Isn't this little sweetie adorable?!  She just doesn't even know what to do with this big cake sitting in front of her!  What you can't see is the purple cake inside.  Such a fun cake to make for a milestone in this little angel's life!  

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