Monday, December 30, 2013

Minecraft Sword Cake

Another cake that I had to research!  I've never in my life played Minecraft.  I've never even seen anyone else play the game!  So when I had a request for a Minecraft birthday cake I was totally lost with what to do!  When I looked online for ideas every single cake I saw was the green and brown square made with hundreds of tiny squares.  Well, I like to do something different when I can, so when I came upon this picture, which is done with CHALK, I knew I had found what I wanted to do!  I actually would like to do this cake again sometime and make it look even more like the picture and add all the stuff around that middle square.  Someday....

 I did all those little squares on one large, very thin piece of fondant, then stuck the whole piece on at once.  Kind of like back splash tiles.  MUCH easier than trying to put each individual square directly on the cake and hoping they'll turn out right!

 My son kept saying how cool the sword was and that the blue sword is the most powerful!  Little did I know!

It was fun doing a boy cake and even writing differently on the little tag.  Happy birthday Xander and Quentin.  Two very lucky boys!


  1. Replies
    1. I printed off a picture of the sword the size that I wanted, then I cut it out and made a template on wax paper. I used the template to cut out the whole sword out of light blue gum paste, then I just kind of eyeballed the squares and did them on both sides. The dark blue I actually cut down my template and traced around it for that part to. There were two wooden skewers that I placed in it so I could keep it standing upright. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for looking!

  2. How did u gt the sword to stay without falling

    1. When I made the sword I put two wooden skewers into it and left about 3 inches exposed at the bottom. I just stuck those skewers into the cake and put a little bit of edible glue (water and gum paste) where the cake and the sword met.

  3. Very cool! Love the sword.

  4. How big was your sword?