Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cherry Limeade 'Mystery' Birthday Cake

I told my kids, "NO INTRICATE CAKES THIS YEAR!!!"  My goal instead is yummy flavors that look pretty.  Thus this cake.  We decided on vanilla cake, cherry cream cheese frosting and key lime curd filling.  Um, and I just say it was SOOOOO yummy and light and refreshing!  I'll be making this again!

 And of course we had to throw a little fun into it.  My kids friends now expect something fabulous at the birthday parties and they couldn't understand why this cake was so cool.  My daughter had been pumping the cake up all week long.  We had this surprise inside.  Not the best pictures cause I tipped the cake over while cutting it.  But the reaction from the kids was priceless!  SKITTLES!!!  Too much fun!
Happy birthday Ali girl!  We love you oodles and oodles, or should I say, Skittles and skittles!!!

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