Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ninja Birthday Cake

I absolutely loved this cake!  I looked online for ideas and everything looked the same.  Then my hubby suggested the bonsai tree and the Japanese arch.  It was exactly what I needed for the cake to stand out!  Everything is edible, minus the wires holding up the little ninja stars.

 My favorite part?  The cute little ties coming off the back of the Ninja's head!
 Although, I really loved the bonsai tree as well!
Although it's not a 'karate' cake, making this cake really made me think of the movie Karate Kid!  I loved that movie and still do!  Happy birthday Kevin!!


  1. LOVE this! Did you use a pattern for the Torii Gate? What about the tree? Thanks, Caryn

    1. Thanks Caryn! I just found pictures online that were basic and I looked at them as I cut out the shapes. The bonsai tree was cut out of modeling chocolate and the arch was gum paste with wooden skewers for support.