Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Magnolia Shimmery White Wedding Cake

Another beautiful wedding cake!  I know I've said I like making birthday cakes better, but when I get a fun order like this one then it's not so bad.  I loved doing a new design and adding little tiny details to make it extra special.

 All sugar flower.  I had to look at pictures of a real magnolia flower to figure out that detailed middle part!
 I'm so glad you can see the sparkles in this cake.  It really added that extra something.
 My awesome sister took these pictures with our big brother's camera.  She had fun with it!

 I love how the cake stand mimics the balls on the cake.  So delicate and perfect.

 My sister also helped me roll all the tiny balls for the top.  And yes, all those other, larger balls, hand rolled.  Took forever, but so worth it in the end!
I really enjoyed making this cake.  The flower was a little bit of a headache at some points, but I loved how it turned out.  This cake was a lot of firsts.  My first magnolia flower and ball pattern.  First carrot flavored cake, which was super yummy by the way. (Thanks to my friend for her secret family recipe!)  First gorgeous cake stand.  And.... my first French bride!  She's from Paris and has been here in the states for a year.  She was so sweet and fun to work with.  I hope she and her new groom have a happy eternity together!!!  Congratulations John and Gen!

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