Monday, June 10, 2013

Pirate Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

A complete 180 from my last cake, this one is ALL boy!!  My sweet son has a birthday so close to his older sister's that he sometimes gets over looked.  Not this year!  This was supposed to be just a treasure map cake, but turned into a full on pirate loot cake.  EVERYTHING is edible.  The coins, the sword, the eye patch, the map, the jewels.  It was ever so tasty too!  Gluten free so I could eat it of course.  Tee hee.

 Close up of the skull accents on the sword and coins even.
 The map and metal closure piece.
 I got pictures of my boys holding the sword before my 3 year old dropped it and shattered it to pieces!  It was a sad moment.
 Edible eye patch string
 Jewels, gold doubloons, pearls.  So fun!
 The cinnamon and sugar on the frosting was so so yummy!  Added a little texture to the cake.
 Can I just say I love luster dust!?  It's a magical tool for me!
 Believe it or not, I used a Celtic knot doorbell button to shape the treasure chest closure piece.  Unconventional, but very useful!!
And the back of the treasure chest.  I used two bread loaf pans for the chest and just shaped the top one to look curved and I used modeling chocolate for the wood.  Happy birthday to my little boy.  I love you tons and tons sweet boy!!

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