Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'Anne of Green Gables' Inspired Vintage Birthday Cake

Okay, I'm going to do a LOT of pictures of this cake because it was PHENOMENAL!!!!  (I'm forgetting to be modest for just a second, sorry!)  My daughters and I have been watching "Anne of Green Gables" and it's brought back so many fond memories of watching it with MY mom.  What a beautiful time period.  And every second I was thinking, "Hmmm, how can I incorporate that?!  Or that?!"  
 My daughter wanted a very vintage cake.  She's very much into lace, pearls, muted colors, lace.  Did I mention lace?!  She wanted something very feminine, which is kind of new for her.  She's been such a tomboy, so this was really fun for me.
 The broach was done without a stencil or mold.  Just by hand.
 My first time with sugar flowers.  I got a little carried away and did TONS of flowers, but it was SOOOO fun!!!
 My daughters and I loved the knotted pearls and pretty hat that Diana wore at her wedding.

 The green flower was an experiment, and took so many layers, but turned out beautiful!  The lacy doily was done with modeling chocolate and my daughter even helped me punch out all those holes!
 My daughter is also obsessed with Paris...
 ....and XIII is how old she turned!
 The only things not edible are the little jewels on a couple of the flowers.
 A better picture of the lace.
I LOVED making this cake and the kids at the party couldn't get over the fact that it was all edible.  Who knew 13 year old boys could even google over a birthday cake?!  But that's a WHOLE other story!  Happy Birthday, my beautiful teenager!  I love you tons!