Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pink and Ivory Ruffle Wedding Cake

I've been wanting to do a cake like this for a LOOOOONNNNNGGG time!  And lo and behold, I got to do a wedding cake with this fun ruffle that is so popular right now!  This cake is everything feminine and beautiful!  The sugar flowers were so delicate that I think I almost lost my sanity putting them into the cake!  I made the little ivory flowers as I went to fill in the empty spaces.  They were so fun and easy! 
 My girls and I love how it almost looks like a dress with the satin ribbon around the middle.
 Also, it was my first time making a white velvet flavored cake.  It was so heavenly!  My kids claimed it's their favorite cake ever!

 My sister and I loved the three little ivory roses here in the front!  
 Okay, so not EVERYTHING about this cake was feminine and delicate.  The bride wanted her husband to feel special as well so she had me add this tiny helmet of his favorite football team.  What a considerate bride!

This was such a fun cake to make, as I think I say with every cake I make.  But this one really was!  I loved every minute of making this cake!  I'm so glad I got the opportunity to make something so special for such a beautiful bride!  Congratulations, Ashley and Hayden!!

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  1. LOVE these pictures!!! They do that thing justice. :)