Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Cake

Here's an adorable Hedwig cake I made for my daughter's birthday.  We made potions and each child got their own wand from Ollivander's shop.  We had candles all over and the curtains closed.  We played Harry Potter trivia and let the kids 'cast spells.'  It was so much fun!
 Hedwig was made with 4 6" circle cakes and 2 4" cakes with the top of a cupcake to round off the head.  Sculpted to be shaped like an owl, then frosted and covered in feathers made of sculptable butter cream mixed with a little gum paste.  The glasses are gum paste and the scarf is modeling chocolate.  Truly a magical party and cake!  (It was hard to eat such a cute cake!!)
The layers of cake for Hedwig!
Happy birthday our beautiful girl!  We love you tons and tons!!!


  1. I was hoping to get some information on your cake pricing... specifically this Hedwig cake. Can you please email me at
    I would need something for 24 April.

    1. I didn't even think to ask, where are you located? Lol, sorry, but yeah, where are you located?