Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lego Ninjago Birthday Cake

My little boy finally got his birthday party!!!  He loves the Lego Nijago sets, so here we are.  A Lego cake for a sweet boy!  It's all edible even down to the ties of the ninja mask and the sword.  The actual cake part wasn't quite like I wanted it, but it was still fun.

 The Lego man and black piece were made of rice krispie treats then covered in frosting and either gum paste or modeling chocolate.  The cake was strawberry chocolate chip with dark chocolate frosting, then covered in fondant.  The white Lego pieces were fondant.

We made swords and 'sushi' for the party.  It was kind of a small party, which was perfect since I just wasn't up to a big party.  Too much going on this last week to do anything else.  Love you, my son!  Happy birthday!!!!

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