Saturday, February 22, 2014

Little Monster Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake

I finally got to make a topsy turvy cake!  And how fun that it is a colorful monster cake.  This was for a lucky little 3 year old's birthday party.  And how cute that the mommy wanted to have the cupcakes as little party favors for the tiny guests.  I LOVED doing a whole set of cupcakes to go with the cake!
 Aren't the googly eyes adorable?!
 It was super fun for me to use the new little cupcake stands for this cake.  And the colors were so fun to play with!  And that winking monster eye?!  My 5 year old's idea!  How brilliant was he?!
 I loved having a monster 'eye' theme to his cake!  And the teeth added such a fun touch!
 This little striped monster was my boys' favorite monster face.
 And this little yellow monster was the girls' favorite monster!  (Mine too!)
 Little monster letters for the birthday boy's name!  He was SOOO cute when he came with his dad to pick up the cake!  My kids were kind of scared of the blue claws, but I thought they were perfect.
AND THE TAIL!  I loved this part of the cake. You can't beat the tiny little spikes!
Happy birthday Xalen!  You're one cute, deserving little 'monster!'

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